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Alligator-pro export treading company

An Introduction

​Alligator Pro Company was established in 2012. We are a company that aims to export crops to all countries of the world in the appropriate way, whether by air, sea or land. We enjoy simple, easy, and also quick ways of dealing with customers and exporting all quantities with the required quality. We have great experience in all Markets and a team that has more than 25 years of experience in the field of crops and export, and we dedicate this experience only to satisfying customers with unprecedented service, quality, and professionalism in dealing

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what we provide

Alligator Pro provides exceptional service to its customers abroad through high-quality fruits and vegetables obtained from Egypt. We are distinguished by a large business volume during all seasons of the year. We are also distinguished by a distinguished group of fresh crops. We can export the required quantities to all parts of the world with the same agreed quality. And the company is expanding now, as now we have reached some European markets in addition to our main market, which is Russia, where we export more than 250 secondary containers only in the Russian market, and we also expanded to get a part of the market in the Middle East

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